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The Goodnight Server Room game is available for free! Play it online at or install the iPad app from the App Store.


Goodnight Server Room is a Children's book about computers and data that I published in December 2017.

I funded the project via KickStarter and made the book in collaboration with the incredible Emily Krueger.

Coloring Book Pages

Emily Krueger made a couple of awesome GSR coloring book pages! They're free to print and share.


Goodnight Server Room introduces computer concepts and terminology to kids age 1-5. My motivation for writing it was to have a way to show my sons what I do at work all day. They had lots of books about trucks, trains, and construction, but nothing about computers or programming.


Each page of Goodnight Server Room introduces a new term related with short and memorable rhymes.

Page 8, "The Router" shows packets traveling in and between networks


Goodnight Server Room describes a variety of computer components in the context of data. Data (specifically, bits) are represented by these little guys:

In Goodnight Server Room, readers see bits, bytes, and packets working and moving throughout keyboards, routers, processors, and more.

Want to Learn More?

I just released a coffee table book with sketches and anecdotes from the making of Goodnight Server Room. Check it out!

What's Next?

I am developing an interactive companion app in collaboration with Andamio games!

A packet

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Order Now!

Goodnight Server Room is available now!

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