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Business Forum: Beware of the blockchain hype

[The Star Tribune]

“Blockchain” proponents claim it is a game-changing technology that is applicable to wide-ranging domains, including medical records to automotive safety. Blockchain is a useful technology, but it is not the panacea it is often made out to be. It is time to tone down the hype.

University of Minnesota Alumni Spotlight

[University of Minnesota]

Master of Science in Software Engineering and Bachelor of Science alum Tyler Smith spent his final year pursuing his undergraduate degree in computer science with one foot in college and the other in his career. In the summer of 2009, he interned at General Dynamics and was ambitious enough to maintain the position through the school year.

Our Minneapolis High School Is a Sanctuary

[The Salt Collective]

The walls are plastered with unabashed love for the students that walk through the doors. The welcome desk is backed by signs declaring “All Are Welcome Here” in multiple languages. Murals tell the stories of black kids, native kids, and everyone else who walks the halls of Minneapolis South High School.

I don’t know if there is a God. Neither do you. And that’s okay.

[The Salt Collective]

In my sophomore year of college, I stopped going to church. Like many of my peers, I was busy with school, distracted by friends, and didn’t find church necessary. Surrounded by intelligent non-believers, I realized that through years of Sunday school, sermons, and worship services, nobody had explained to me why we believe any of it.

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