Saturday, April 4, 2020

LEGO Competition Finale Winners!

We have a bunch of winners this week! You can see all of their submissions here.

Age 0-5: Pepper

Pepper has a knack for out of the box storytelling that shows though in this wonderfully absurd piece.

Age 6-9: Elijah

Elijah was one of our most consistent designers, regularly delivering ambitious, clever creations.

Elijah also had the top score of all of this week's designers.

Age 10-18: Eliza and James

The team of Eliza and James have delivered imaginative and reflective concepts, such as Eliza's gymnast self portrait.

Creativity - Crank it up to 11: Wes (7)

Wes created a beautifully abstract seaside sunset that captured the imaginations of adults and kids alike. 

Style - Crank it up to 11: Linnea (11)

After a few days of woodland exploration scenes, Linnea changed it up (and turned it up!) with this hugely ambitious rock climbing adventure featuring a crew of climbers and a detailed rock wall. 

Story - Crank it up to 11: Thomas and Henry

Thomas and Henry told a classic story of a land lost and reclaimed.

Story - Crank it up to 11: Brooke

Brooke's story made us laugh more than any other. 

Most Consistent: Levi

Levi was the only designer to participate every single day of the competition! Levi's designs featured tons of superheroes in inventive, surprising situations. Levi's total score for the week: 283.5.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

LEGO Contest: Final Day!

LEGO Contest Announcement: Extra prizes tomorrow only!
If you've been out of the contest for a while, this is your chance to jump back in!
Tomorrow is the final day of the competition. In addition to this week's regular three winners, we will also be awarding single-day winners for the most creative, best style, and greatest story entry!
The theme for tomorrow is: Over the Top

We normally judge each entry on a scale of 1-10, but tomorrow the best entry in each of the judging criteria will receive the vaulted score of 11.

LEGO Challenge Week 3 Day 4

Today's theme is: Lost

Tomorrow (April 3rd) will be the final day of the competition. We'll do something special to make it a dramatic finale, stay tuned!