Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goodnight Server Room (New Project)

Update: The KickStarter for this project is live now!

I read lots of books to my kids. We have plenty of books about trucks, trains, airplanes, and tools. We have no books about computers, software, or any of the work I do when I'm not at home playing with them.

I searched on Amazon and couldn't find any board books about computers which were aimed at eighteen to thirty-six month olds.

I aim to remedy this problem. The following is a first draft, illustration ideas to follow.

Goodnight Server Room

Stay bright, stay bright, green status light
Blinking, thinking through the night
Web apps, backups, plans, and maps
In the server room the packets zoom

Voltage going up and down
Is how the data gets around
It rides on wires far and wide
Ethernet’s got eight inside

The network switch’s a wild place
It handles routes run like a race
The IP field is how to know
Where each packet needs to go

Need a door from inner to outer?
Look no further than the router
From subnet one to subnet two
The router knows what should go through

A server rack looks like a stack
Cold air goes in, hot out the back
It holds computers way up high
Kept on by a power supply

So many computers, what to do?
The Domain Name Service knows what to do
Assigning names is crucial fun
Most centers have two, not one

A driver’s code that lets us see
Data sent to you and me
Send a stream or read a block
The driver is what lets us talk

A hard drive spins very fast
Put data here to make it last
If all you need is short term speed
R-A-M is what you need!

Each cache is like a secret stash
When crunching numbers in a hash
Stuck right on the C-P-Us
It’s always the first spot to use

The processor is like a brain
It thinks and thinks and won’t complain
No problem is too big or small
The processor solves one and all

Server room where packets zoom
Your admin team will be back soon
Keep working hard to send each byte
Keep blinking bright all through the night

Copyright 2016 Tyler Smith

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Introducing Puppy Hotbox

I invented this game to liven up backyard fetch with our dog. The premise is pretty simple:

  1. Stand about twenty feet from a tree with a dog and a tennis ball
  2. Throw the tennis ball at the tree
  3. Whoever retrieves the ball first gets a point
  4. Whoever gets ten points first wins

I just lost 10-8 to this smug puppy.

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