Goodnight Server Room

There will be hidden messages and puzzles

Pre-Order Available!

Goodnight Server Room is available for Pre-Order on Etsy!


Goodnight Server Room is a Children's book I'll be releasing in 2017. The KickStarter finished at the end of March, 2017.


Goodnight Server Room aims to introduce computer concepts and terminology to kids age 1-3. My motivation for writing it is to have a way to show my sons what I do at work all day. They have lots of books about trucks, trains, and construction, but nothing about computers or programming.


The story is told in the style of Goodnight Moon and Steam Train Dream Train, introducing a new term on each page through short and memorable rhymes.


Goodnight Server Room describes a variety of computer components in the context of data. Data (specifically, bits) are represented by these little guys:

In Goodnight Server Room, readers will see bits, bytes, and packets working and moving throughout keyboards, routers, processors, and more. 

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