Saturday, March 28, 2020

Week Two Winners!

We had a ton of phenomenal entries this week! The winners are selected from each age group by summing the total of their top three scores. (Side note, Google sheets has a function called LARGE that is super helpful for this). You can review the full rules here.

0-5 Winner: Isaiah

Isaiah submitted lots of action packed scenes with tons of details, such as Tuesday's Ninja Attack! Total score: 71.5

6-9 Winner: Nelson

Nelson large minifig-scale builds builds with lots of story details that made me smile. My biggest grin of the week came when I realized this crane was holding a teddy bear. Total score: 87

10-18 Winner: Anders

Anders consistently turned in polished, LEGO-official caliber designs, such as Tuesday's Green Building. Total score: 80.5

You can see all of this week's entries here.

Next week starts on Monday with theme: Inside Out

Thursday, March 26, 2020

LEGO Competition Week 2 Day 5

First of, as with all of you, my situation is evolving as events unfold. The contest continues, but I've realized I don't have the bandwidth to continue scheduled live judging.

I will continue to post daily topics, judge submissions, and award prizes through the end of next week (April 3rd). I'll post reactions sporadically, I know the kids like hearing what I think :)

Also, tomorrow's theme is: Upside down!

Here's one of my favorites from today's theme, Adventure is out there!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

LEGO Competition Week 2 Day 4

I ended up doing a late judging session today because the submissions were just too good! Here's one of my favorites, can you guess the book?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

LEGO Competition Week 2 Day 3

Wednesday's theme is: Scene from a Book!

No live judging on Wednesday, but I'll be back on Thursday!

Here's a gorgeous entry from today's theme: green building. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

LEGO Competition Week 2 Day 2

Tomorrow's theme is green building!

Here are today's top two builds on the theme of Tower!

LEGO Competition Week Two

Hey everybody! Sorry for the late post, today's theme is: Tower
You can join the meeting using this link.

See you at 4:30!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

LEGO Competition: Week One Winners!

I am happy to announce our week one winners! Winners were selected based on the sum of their top two scores from the week. Full scores here.

Ages 0 to 5: Pepper

Pepper consistently packed her builds with stories and details, as shown in Thursday's "Doople Party"
Total score: 49

Ages 6 to 9: Violet

Violet's builds are polished and well thought through. She clearly has a broad LEGO skillset, including automated builds (Wednesday's space Winnebago) and action scenes (Thursday's police station escape).
Total score: 55

Ages 10 to 18: Thomas and Henry

Thomas and Henry were one of a few teams that competed this week (teams are categorized based on the oldest member). On Friday they gave us an unexpected spin on a classic western theme with "Food Wars," a battle of hot dogs versus corn dogs.
Total score: 50.5


Each of our winners gets a $30 gift card to a business of their choice from the list below! If there is another option you would like, let me know and we can do that too! 
  • Izzy's Ice Cream (Minneapolis)
  • Red Balloon Book Store (St Paul)
  • Wild Rumpus Book Store (Minneapolis)
  • Zenith Bookstore (Duluth)
  • J Skylark (Duluth)
  • Books and More (Bemidji)
Parents/guardians of winners, please contact me at to claim your child's prize.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

LEGO Competition Day 03: Food!

Today's overall top score was Violet (6) with this awesome flying boat prison break! Violet is this week's current leader (each contestant's top two scores will be counted this week).

In the 0-5 age range, the top score went to Ari (5) with the existential crisis of a girl wishing to go outside.

The top score in the 10-18 age group went to Seth with a Mad Max inspired chase.

Tomorrow theme is Food!

On Saturday (or late tomorrow) I will announce this week's winners and contact their parents to arrange delivery of their prizes. The options announced so far are: Izzy's gift card, Matt's Bar gift card, and Amazon gift card. Prize suggestions are welcome!

Reminder: You can find the full rules here. A $10 entry fee per contestant is requested but not required.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

LEGO Competition Day 02: Escape!

We had our first round of virtual LEGO building submissions today and the results were awesome! The overall highest score went to Louis (6) for his awesome underwater/driving/flying truck!

The theme for tomorrow is: Escape! Build something that tells a story about an escape, is a tool for escape, makes you feel like escaping, or something else entirely! I will try to evaluate video entries, but photos are preferred. 

As with today, you can submit by tagging me in a Facebook post or sending me an email ( Any pictures you submit may be posted publicly online. 

Watch the stream at 4:30pm on March 19!

Thank you to everyone who paid the optional entrance fee! We'll have three awards this week (one for each age category). The first award is: A $20 gift card to Izzy's Ice cream! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Virtual LEGO Competition Day One: Trucks

I'm running a virtual LEGO building competition for everyone who's stuck at home right now. You can read all of the rules here.

The theme for day one is trucks.

Build something with LEGO bricks (or DUPLO) that involves trucks. You are encouraged to be creative (don't use a stock LEGO set) and to tell a story (you can build a scene around the truck).

I'll post the submissions and scores here starting tomorrow!