Lectures and Appearances

Mercy Vineyard Church 2020

Anna Andrews and I performed a spoken word and violin piece based on the book of Ruth for Mother's Day, 2020. Youtube

U.S. Army FACE TIM 2018

[OpenGroup] I presented Adventium's work on Basswood, a real time variant of the Basic Avionics Lightweight Source Archetype (BALSA) example architecture. 

Real-time performance is a critical aspect of avionics computing. The Basic Avionics Lightweight Source Archetype (BALSA) exemplar provides a collection of Units of Conformance (UoCs) backed by a Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Unit of Portability (UoP) Supplied Model (USM) running in a Linux desktop environment. This gives an easy-to-run example for users of the FACE Technical Standard and effectively illustrates the conformance aspects of the FACE Technical
Standard, but is not intended to run with hard real-time constraints. To address this limitation, we developed Basswood, a BALSA-based exemplar using components aligned to the FACE Technical  Standard running in a real-time environment.

Harvard Library Computational Archival Science Unconference 2017

[Harvard] I presented my views on blockchain and its applicability to archival science.

We seek to connect participants from the CAS 2017 workshop (scholars researching and developing computational methods for archives) with archivists and librarians using computational methods to curate and manage collections, explore possible collaborations, and provide an open forum where a broad community of interest might engage with these ideas.

Skyway Software Symposium


Author Tyler "T.D. Smith" reads the book and talk briefly about the publishing process. Goodnight Server Room will be released in the fall of 2017 and is available for preorder here: http://gsr.smithdtyler.com

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