Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Designing the Cover: The Siege of Abigail Beson

The exceptional quality of this cover is entirely due to the work of Emily Krueger. I'm far from qualified to discuss her methods, but I can tell you how I described to her the cover I had in mind.

The most important aspect of the cover is Abigail herself. She has attributes of two strong women: my wife Rosalyn and Rey from Star Wars.



Stunning Beauty

I knew getting her expression right would be tricky, and Emily absolutely nailed it. Abigail is not wistful or dreamy, nor is she angry or comedic. She has the look of someone taking stock of a challenge with a mind to defeat it.

There are other important features on the cover, but I'd rather not spoil anything by sharing details you'll discover when you read the book! It's available now on AmazonAmazon Kindle, and createspace!

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