Friday, May 13, 2016

How I'm Marketing "The Siege of Abigail Beson"

As an introvert and a Minnesotan, the idea of asking people to buy something is really uncomfortable. None the less, I know that if I'm going to get my novella out there, I'm going to have to stretch my comfort zone.

Marketing goals

  1. Get as many people to order a copy of The Siege of Abigail Beson as possible.
  2. Convince people who don't know me personally to order a copy of The Siege of Abigail Beson
  3. Be as polite and un-obtrusive as possible.

Marketing Strategy

Here's my plan for the duration of the KickStarter.
  • Direct contact/discussion with friends, family, and coworkers
  • Daily updates updates to Facebook discussing The Siege of Abigail Beson or thanking its contributors
  • Weekly or bi-weekly blog posts
    • Blog posts are shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Google Ad-words
    • I'm spending $1.50 per day on keyword-related ads in Google search.
  • Other blogs and forums

Determining Success

I'm only a few days into the KickStarter, but I have some encouraging data and some challenges:


I've gotten nine contributions totaling $294. This is awesome for just a few days into the KickStarter, but there's been a dramatic drop-off since day one. 

Page Views

The KickStarter page has been viewed 360 times in the last few days. By contrast, this blog has been viewed about 3600 times since its launch, despite being active about 20 times as long (the blog has been active for about 120 days, the KickStarter has been active for about 5 days).

Google Search Ranking

This has been a tougher nut to crack. Strangely, a search for The Siege of Abigail Beson doesn't yield a link to the KickStarter. Instead, it has a few links to KickStarter-related sites, as well as links to unrelated pages. 

I've added (despite Google's objections about them being "low volume terms") some more specific keywords to see if I can improve that result.


I'm optimistic that I'll reach the minimal funding goal of $350. I'm hoping that folks who aren't convinced to click 'buy' on this round will give it another chance when the Kindle version becomes available later this summer.


We made it! It's available now on AmazonAmazon Kindle, and createspace!

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