Saturday, March 21, 2020

LEGO Competition: Week One Winners!

I am happy to announce our week one winners! Winners were selected based on the sum of their top two scores from the week. Full scores here.

Ages 0 to 5: Pepper

Pepper consistently packed her builds with stories and details, as shown in Thursday's "Doople Party"
Total score: 49

Ages 6 to 9: Violet

Violet's builds are polished and well thought through. She clearly has a broad LEGO skillset, including automated builds (Wednesday's space Winnebago) and action scenes (Thursday's police station escape).
Total score: 55

Ages 10 to 18: Thomas and Henry

Thomas and Henry were one of a few teams that competed this week (teams are categorized based on the oldest member). On Friday they gave us an unexpected spin on a classic western theme with "Food Wars," a battle of hot dogs versus corn dogs.
Total score: 50.5


Each of our winners gets a $30 gift card to a business of their choice from the list below! If there is another option you would like, let me know and we can do that too! 
  • Izzy's Ice Cream (Minneapolis)
  • Red Balloon Book Store (St Paul)
  • Wild Rumpus Book Store (Minneapolis)
  • Zenith Bookstore (Duluth)
  • J Skylark (Duluth)
  • Books and More (Bemidji)
Parents/guardians of winners, please contact me at to claim your child's prize.

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