Saturday, March 28, 2020

Week Two Winners!

We had a ton of phenomenal entries this week! The winners are selected from each age group by summing the total of their top three scores. (Side note, Google sheets has a function called LARGE that is super helpful for this). You can review the full rules here.

0-5 Winner: Isaiah

Isaiah submitted lots of action packed scenes with tons of details, such as Tuesday's Ninja Attack! Total score: 71.5

6-9 Winner: Nelson

Nelson large minifig-scale builds builds with lots of story details that made me smile. My biggest grin of the week came when I realized this crane was holding a teddy bear. Total score: 87

10-18 Winner: Anders

Anders consistently turned in polished, LEGO-official caliber designs, such as Tuesday's Green Building. Total score: 80.5

You can see all of this week's entries here.

Next week starts on Monday with theme: Inside Out

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